"… at last week's NRA Annual Meeting, I ran across the most innovative product of the show."
— Eric Graves, Soldier Systems Daily (2 May 2019)
Dry-Fire Trigger Training almost anywhere!
BetterShot Shooter Point of View
Concept: Tele Vue has been selling high-quality, American made, cross-over astronomical/spotting scopes since the mid-1980s. Our smaller scopes are used among a small but knowing group of long-range target shooters due to their exceptional sharpness, contrast, and magnification range. A customer asked if we could develop a high quality optical product that would allow him to focus a riflescope indoors for dry-fire trigger training. Of course we can! — David Nagler
Better Shot Front and Back
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In the TNVC booth at last week's NRA Annual Meeting, I ran across the most innovative product of the show.

There are multiple dryfire systems on the market but most are pistol-centric with a few intended for rifles, but none work with a telescopic sight. The BetterShot by Tele Vue is a dryfire system for optical sight equipped rifles.

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Tele Vue®
Optical designer Al Nagler founded our company in 1977 after having worked designing everything from inexpensive camera lenses to the NASA visual simulator optics that every Gemini and Apollo astronaut used to practice space flight, docking, and lunar landing. Tele Vue quickly gained its reputation for innovative, wide-field eyepieces and multi-purpose refracting telescope designs for astronomical and terrestrial observing and imaging. Tele Vue continues to do all product design, telescope assembly, and optical testing in-house with our products made exclusively in Japan and Taiwan.
Bring dry-fire trigger training virtually anywhere with Tele Vue BetterShot™! The patented BetterShot™ (U.S. Pat. No. 9,904,032) uses high-quality glass lenses to bring the close-focus of your riflescope to as little as 6-feet, depending on its native close focus. With a large 35mm clear aperture, you can train under virtually any lighting conditions and unlike any other riflescope device, BetterShot™ is independantly focusable by pushing or pulling on its lens cell. Now the target doesn't have to be within a specific distance range.
Better Mounting
With a twist of a knob, BetterShot™ is universally adaptable to any riflescope with objective barrel diameters ranging between 40mm and 60mm. BetterShot™ is held tightly in place without marring the objective barrel using three rubber coated, adjustable fingers. The frame was also designed for zero clearance distance between the scope objective and rifle barrel.
Better Training
BetterShot™ also features a secure smart phone mount with which you will be able to track the vibration amplitude of your trigger pulls via a proprietary phone app (under development as of this writing). Whether you're a sportsman, police, or military, BetterShot™ lets you dry-fire trigger train more often which in turn will make you a better shot! BetterShot on Rifle Side Viiew
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